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Research areas

I am a probabilist. Most of the problems I deal with belong to statistical mechanics.
The right picture is a realization of the set of points of the infinite cluster in Bernoulli percolation with p=0.55 whose chemical distance to the origin is smaller than t=618 de l'origine. The color that is used for the painting depends on the distance.
The program I wrote to make this simulation is available here.
With Régine Marchand , we proved that this set admits a deterministic asymptotic form when t goes to infinity.
(See this preprint .)

PHD Thesis and HDR

Habilitation à diriger des recherches (it permits to supervise research): Quelques problèmes de mécanique statistique.
Date of defense: 12 décembre 2005

report in postscript format. report in pdf format.

PhD thesis: Mesures de Gibbs gaussiennes et dynamiques aléatoires associées sur $\R^{\Z^d}$.
Supervisor: Sylvie Roelly
Date of defense: 19 november 1998.

Summary of my thesis on l'Annuaire des Thèses. my thesis in ps.gz format. my thesis in pdf format.

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