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When I began to work on first-passage percolation and on competition models related to first-passage percolation, I felt that I needed to simulate the models to stimulate my intuition.
So I decided to learn some basis on C++ an X-Windows programming to be able to write appropriate tools.
You can find them here.
The programs can deal with first-passage percolation and first-passage percolation with competition, possibly on a random environment.
The environment can be the full square lattice Z2, or a Bernoulli percolation cluster, oriented percolation, or spirale percolation.

This page and the documentation are minimalist.
You can nevertheless read here the man page.
Once you will have installed the program, you will recover the man page simply by typing man cppp.
Man pages are available in english and in french.


Current version is 2.0-2. The source of the lastest version of the program is cppp_2.0-2.tar.gz.

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